Winnebago Illinois Social Media Maxed

Winnebago, Illinois

What does it take to make your shop’s social media participation worthwhile?  Use those social media tools on a regular basis.  Some of your participation can be for fun, with friends and family, but your business social media needs to be part of a plan, and done systematically.

The Buy Bago Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages are up and now comes the education process for all of us.  We have ‘liked’ some pages, and some pages have ‘liked’ us.  We are building a community.    Now it is time to put together a strategy individually and as a Chamber to maximize the value of the Buy Bago on Facebook page.  I happen to think it works best when we are using it regularly, posting comments, honoring folks we think are important, perhaps volunteers in the community, or the kids on the athletic teams, bands, cheerleaders, the little ones at Park District soccer, a picture of your newest product or line would be great.  A picture of your child doing Halloween decorations would be great.  The point of all of that activity is to keep your name and your shop’s name in front of folks who spend time on Facebook.  The more fun they have when they come to the Buy Bago page, the more often they will stop by to see what is going on, and if folks enjoy your personality of Facebook,  I think they will be more inclined to stop by your shop to make a purchase.

So your “Know, Like, and Trust” factor for your customers is increased through regular Social Media participation.

So I need to close up a bit of a rambling post and get to my office where I may edit it, but look for our Winnebago Illinois social media trainings.

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