Winnebago Illinois Social Media-Buy Bago

Winnebago Social Media-Buy Bago

Well,  we are about a month into the online version of Buy Bago, with a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a Youtube channel,  and some 68 followers.  I have talked to a number of the Buy Bago participants,  and most are curious about the process and open to the idea of a youtube video, for example.

But I think an educational process has to happen to make it as vibrant as it could be.   I am not seeing a regular effort to build connections between existing Facebook entities and Buy Bago,  which I think is critical to make Buy Bago on Facebook a big success through the holidays, and on into next year.  I of course, am a bit impatient for that to happen, but I am learning about this as are the Chamber members, many of whom do not Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube presences.

I think the Scarecrow and Pumpkin festival will be a chance to for us to increase visibility and awareness.   Julie will be building a Scarecrow for the festival and I have volunteered to man the Chamber of Commerce Buy Bago table,  and to help with the set-up and clean-up,  although the boy has a football game that will require my attendance,  and I am sure there will be lots of squishy, slippery pumpkin innards to sweep up.

I have also been boning up on the materials Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams have been providing about Social Media Campaigns for small businesses and small town businesses.   Folks, if you are not on Facebook,  you are missing your market,  and if you do not know a Facebook from a Twitter because you are a small business person ‘doer’ who has little time for marketing, then you need to call me.

I get lots of traffic to my static website from youtube, ezinearticles, squidoo,  twitter, and lots of traffic to my blogs from Facebook.  You must build in time to take advantage of Social Media.  It can run on autopilot for you, but now I need to go get the daughter in the tub for an appointment.  BRB, Mike

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