Winnebago, Illinois and the Scarecrow and Pumpkin Festival-Small Town Fun

Winnebago Illinois

I am really looking forward to the Scarecrow and Pumpkin festival this Saturday in Winnebago, Illinois.  I have not volunteered to help set up and take down an event like this ever, and I am looking forward to getting to meet a number of my neighbors at a social event that my lovely wife and children will be attending too.  I hope to get some really cute videos of kids doing pumpkins and I hope the weather is great too.  Should make for some fun times,  and I hope to get to meet some of the parents of the kids my children hang around with.

And I will be manning the Chamber of Commerce Buy Bago table and hopefully getting to talk to some folks about our new internet presence and how that is going.   I think folks who had not considered Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter as part of their marketing package are opening up to the idea of social media as an excellent tool to increase their reach and their “Know, Like, and Trust” .

I will have my trust camera with me, so if you want to be in a Winnebago, Illinois Buy Bago video, look me up at the Chamber of Commerce Table.   If I am not there, I will probably be doing pumpkins with my kids and their lovely mother, Julie.    You cannot miss my daughter, Hannah Marie, the drama queen and boss of everyone.  She is a big laugher so look for the kid with the big smile, and pile of pumpking making tools,  and I will be near bye, cleaning up.  Mike

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