Winnebago, Il. Starts Up Social Media!

The Buy Bago program now has an electronic version, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a Youtube account.  Now to get all the merchants online and working together, sharing information about their special offers and events.  I imagine that that will take some education.   I am not sure how many merchants have a Facebook presence, or a Twitter, or a Youtube presence, and I need to work to get the videos keyword optimized for keywords that will bring them up in search too, so someone driving buy on Business 20 will check to see what is available and find our Buy Bago Logo everywhere.

I was at Ret McCoy’s Victorian Veranda Bed and Breakfast yesterday to do a quick video of her facility, which is beautiful, and her guests that day were scrap book folks who visit twice a year.  We talked briefly about how they found her, and the answer was online, which had been lost to Ret prior to yesterday.  I am expecting that same experience for other Winnebago folks soon.

The gentleman who put up the Facebook page for Anna’s pizza is doing some very nice advertising for Brian.  He cajoled the community into following his page for Anna’s, and when that goal was achieved Brian is giving 15% off the price of a pizza for anyone who comes in and mentions being a fan.

Two great examples of the value of a coordinated social media campaign. More soon guys.

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