Winnebago, Il. Social Media and the Buy Bago Program

Winnebago Il.  Buy Bago

More work on the Winnebago Chamber of Commerce Buy Bago Program!

I started calling Buy Bago participants to ask them about building Facebook pages,  and linking them to the Buy Bago program, somewhat worried that folks would think that I was selling them something, not sure of what my response would be.   And for Prairie Wings and Reflections,  I was the one surprised as both of them had Facebook pages, so they are now linked to Buy Bago on Facebook from the Chamber side,  and hopefully soon from their side.    One participant had decided to drop his participation and another was hoping that her franchisee would give her permission to build a Facebook page.  Folks were friendly and curious, and I am hoping that soon we will all be publishing Facebook and Twitter and Youtube.  Some of our videos are showing up very high on Youtube for they keyword winnebago, il,  and also on Google search for that keyword,  and it will be nice when clients begin to call on our merchants and say, “I found you on Facebook.”

Checked on WiFi for my office and they tell me all I need to do is buy the router and plug it in.  If that is the case, then I will soon be ready for workshops at my office for Social Media trainings.  Can you believe it?  The twitter and Facebook and youtube guy, helping small businesses find their way on Social Media platforms.

And last but not least, the boy had to try out his full Nelson skills on Dad today, but Dad is still too big.  Whew for today.

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