Why We Buy Bago- Winnebago Animal Clinic

Winnebago Animal Clinic

I got the chance to help with a brand new Facebook and a quick Youtube video for Winnebago Animal Clinic yesterday.  Mandy and I worked on the Facebook page while she and Karen and several other staff members handled a steady stream of pets, pet owners, and phone calls, and even though we had to delete a couple of misfires,  the Winnebago Animal Clinic Facebook page is up now and available for “likes”.  In fact, by mid-afternoon,  at least three folks had seen the page and liked it.  And our Youtube video outlining the Buy Bago offer was up and gathering attention.   Here is the link to Youtube Channel. Those of you who are following Buy Bago, please take a look at the  number views of the various videos.   And there was an excellent Scarecrow at the Winnebago Animal Clinic too.

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