Where to Begin Starting Up Your Social Media?

Twitter?   Youtube?  Facebook?  Lindedin?  Foursquare?  Identica?  Digg? Stumbleupon?  Build know, like, and trust?  Search engine optimization?  Blog?  Affiliate marketing?

And you haven’t even gotten to your shop yet, haven’t even opened the door to talk to your newspaper or TV or radio representative about advertising, or heaven forbid, a customer carrying cash.   Can there be sense made of all this Social Media stuff?  How does it fit into your business plan?  Call me about that at 815-484-0946.  I have built my wife’s social media platform and will soon be a certified member of the Social Media Marketing Guilde with Tina Williams and Maria Gudelis.  In fact, you could look for a youtube video from me this afternoon at my brand new youtube channel.    If you are starting a new business in the Rockford, Illinois area, then give me a call.  Mike

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