What Kind of Facebook Widgets/Boxes Can Make a Small Town Chamber of Commerce Page a Community Hub?

Rockford Social Media News-

Random musings on a Sunday morning, with the children’s sleep over guests rambling around the house and Dad getting Bears and Packers game face on.  We built our Buy Bago Facebook page Friday morning and have 174 friends already.  There were lots of posts Friday, and not too many Saturday or Sunday,  so I am thinking of ways to make the page a regular destination of Winnebago folks.

Actually the friends of friends were the ones who friended us or liked us,  and they may not be on Facebook as regularly as I am.  James and Nichole Smith who are the Culvers franchisees were very active yesterday, even creating a one day special for BuyBago.  But if you were a Winnebago resident, what would you like to see on your Buy Bago page that would make it a destination page for you?

A community calendar?  Videos and pictures of the kids? Church schedules?  Sports calendars?  The awards that folks have earned professionally?  A page that acknowledges volunteers?  What do you suggest?  Now to get ready for the Bears and Packers or lawn mowing, which ever comes first.

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