What are Your Social Media Needs?

You have been a small businesses person in your

town for a long time.  You have volunteered time

for the Chamber of Commerce and Your Little

League team, and you have spent hundreds on fund

raisers for your kids and your neighbors kids.

In other words you care about your neighbors and

your town.  You have bought ads in the high

school winter sports  brochure,  and did not worry about

your ROI too much, because your neighbors and

their kids did the same for you.   But you did want a

ROI on your print and media expenditures, and

you measured that, and now it is going away.  Your

customers are on Facebook,  and they want you to

Tweet them about your specials, and they are

finding your location on their cell phones as they

drive buy.  How does an old school business guy

or girl join in this new fangled Social Media parade?

And why?  …. That is where your customers are.

That is why you join,  and lots of Social Media Tools

are free, and if you develop a strategy, you can

make your Social Media Strategy pay off handsomely.

Need a strategy for your tweets?  That is where I come


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