Use Social Media To Build Business-Social Media Marketing in Rockford

Social Media Marketing?  Are you a baker, candle stick maker, or builder with a very local market, like Rosham Etim, who is making and selling her own soaps in Rockford, Illinois?  Social media marketing is a wonderful way to accelerate the relationship building with potential customers,  who I think love to root for the beginner, and would be willing to spread the word far and wide especially if they can use their mobile devices for Facebook or Twitter, for example.  Etim’s best selling bar right now is a soap she makes using shea butter called “Quit Bugging Me” which is so appropriate given the clouds of mosquitoes emerging after last weeks downpour.  Can you imagine getting a text that she has just cooked up a new batch of Quit Bugging Me as you head out to the family reunion at the Park by the Rock River?  Might have to stop and get some on the way.

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  1. wpmonetize says:

    Michael, Social Media is where it’s at. You picked a great topic, Looks like you have a good plan in place.
    I’ll be checking back in that’s for sure. Thanks !

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