Today’s Social Media Marketing Work-Rockford Style

I have been studying with Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams at the Social Media Guild, learning a very sophisticated model for using social media to build know, like, and trust for your brand.  Folks,  there are only two websites that get more traffic than Facebook,  and Google and Yahoo may not hold that distinction for long.  You can engage your market, your customers in a very powerful conversation in a very time efficient way, using technological tools like Twitter and Facebook.  I am going to build this little blog post, in fact it is the fourth site I have updated this morning, and I have a couple more to do, then I am going to go workout, and head to the office where I will do some counseling work.  And then I may be home because the boy has a sore throat and fever. Nice to be able to help out with child care.   And I have Blog Talk Radio on in the background, listenting to an expert.

So here is what I do.  I get up in the morning and update my social media accounts, and plan out which of my potential customers will get a letter and invitation to do Blog Talk Radio with me.  I may do a Youtube video for my youtube channel, so one guy, 62 years old, can build a social media business in his basement in Rockford, Illinois, in the morning and then head off to the YMCA for a work out, and off to his phone at his other office, which just may not get so many visits as the Social Media Marketing becomes more successful.

Yes, I am  a one person operation.  What I cannot do, I will outsource, economically.   If you are a typical small business person, you are a doer,  with not much time for case studies or theory, and I can do your social media for you.  Together we can make you a thought leader in your area of expertise.

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