The New Behavioral Health Marketing Process…What the Doc’s and Hospitals Are Doing…Are You On Board, Counselor, Social Worker, Psychologist?

Are you a behavioral health person who has not ever paid much attention to marketing, and little attention to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Better start paying attention now, because your small group or solo practice could get left way outside the new health care system coming with the ACA.

The following quote, which I thought fascinating, comes from the Watch List News.

Dezelan agrees. “There has been an overreliance on mass marketing,” she says. “We at North Shore are lucky enough to have a CRM {Customer Relationship Management} we’ve established over the last 10 years.” She says that some of the same digital technology that is used to treat patients can be used for marketing messaging as well: Skype, for instance, a video conference technology with which some doctors conduct examinations. Though this channel, and other mobile, tablet-based, and Internet channels, healthcare professionals may not only begin to diagnose their patients; providers may also begin to market to them as well — all part of the systemic changes coming soon to American healthcare. – Rob Garber


If you are a small or solo group practice of counselors, social workers, psychologists, even psychiatrists, and you are not on board with social and mobile marketing, and the insurance companies are playing hard ball with capitation, ehr software, and moving you from fee for service to pay for performance, I think your practice is going to suffer, in some cases rather spectacularly.

The Watch List News goes on to describe the recasting of brands for hospitals. The focus will be on wellness, and a healthy lifestyle. Will Behavioral Health folks catch on before it is too late?

At the very least, social media and mobile media marketing has to begin and begin today. Many companies are formulating their strategies for insurance now, and you know the insurance companies have not given up their profit motive.

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