The Buy Bago program on Facebook!

Buy Bago is on Facebook!  I got to do my presentation on Social Media at the Winnebago Public Library last Tues.  and since I did not check the venue prior to the presentation,  I found out that I could not use my projector because to turn out the lights in the room meant turning off all the lights in the library.  There was also no dry board, but since I was very excited, I think I just kept talking and I think that enough people were intrigued that one of the participants, James Smith, the local Culvers franchisee, offered to build the Buy Bago Facebook page.    Since I wanted to help, I suggested we meet at his office where he has WiFi,  and after one miscommunication, we did it and got a page built and Jim sent notice to Kris Steinwand, Secretary of the Winnebago Chamber of Commerce, who sent it out to the Chamber membership immediately, and before Jim and I were done setting up the page, we had friend requests.   Once we got our structure taken care of,  we responded to those friend requests,  and Jim had to open his shop, and I had another appointment with Ret McCoy, another Chamber member,  and when I arrived at her office, perhaps 1/2 hour later, she told me of the e-mail Kris had already sent.  So we spent some time setting up Rett’s Facebook account,  and she is now mostly into the Facebook phenomenon.  She was amazed that Facebook kept giving her friendship recommendations from her contacts probably, that were people she really knew or had done business with already.   And Jim was saying we need to provide the url of the Facebook and Twitter accounts on the Buy Bago cards.

I checked back on the page later that afternoon and was astounded that we had 1o4 friend requests, and videos from the Pee Wee Poms event were already posted. Those videos were put up before I got home, about 10 minutes,  from the same event.    Great conversations happening, and this morning it occurs to me that we should get our Buy Bago merchants to post their specials on the the Buy Bago page.  Not sure if we need a Welcome box for that or not, but it sure would be nice to know what specials are available this week.  We as merchants need to make an offer that is of value to our customers also, and perhaps we can ask for feedback from our customers about what they want.

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