Starting Up Your Social Media Marketing

Starting up your social media marketing can be very confusing.  One of the great things about the internet is that it has made it possible for anyone with a computer to enter the global market place, and most of us have, so while we can all get into the market place, there are thousands of knowledgeable professionals talking about or selling their version of social media  marketing wisdom.

That can make for some noise and confusion.  I must admit that I have fallen prey to more than one exquisitely crafted sales letter and bought a program that required more software expertise than I or my old computers had available so they sat on the hard drive until the whole thing went to China for recycling.  Don’t know if anyone over there got any benefit either.

But now, one key stroke at a time, I have built experience with a number of Social Media Marketing platforms, and I am getting how to utilize them effectively to increase my internet effectiveness.  For me that means increased sales and increased profits.   So hang around and I will share with you what the old man is doing to make his retirement bigger and better.

I am really coming to enjoy Facebook, and developing some routine conversations with folks who share my foibles and follies.  Not so active on twitter anymore, but that could change soon, as the kids go back to school and time frees up, unless they are in trouble right off the bat.  Mike

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