Starting Up Social Media-Your Customers Are Asking You When You Will Build a Blog so They Can Follow You and You Don’t Know How?

Rockford Social Media

I just recently joined the Village of Winnebago Chamber of Commerce, because I wanted to get involved with and get to know the parents of the kids going to school with my kids, and I thought, what better way than to join the Chamber of Commerce. I also offered to build a Facebook page for the Buy ‘Bago program, which is the Chamber program designed to get folks to think about shopping with local merchants displaying the Buy Bago sign. As part of the online version of Buy Bago, I built a Twitter account and a Youtube account, and began to ask folks to let me do a little Youtube video of them talking about the Buy Bago program at their shop.

I was really suprised to find that many of the local merchants did not have a Facebook page at all, and were somewhat resistant to the idea, perhaps fearing another chore to have to take care of when there was not enough time to take care of what they already have to do, and I also met folks who were open to trying Facebook or other Social Media Platforms out, but were unfamiliar with the ins and outs of Facebook tagging or SEO for example. Many of those folks are Boomers who know how to use computers in their businesses, but are not so familiar with other adoptations.

There are some local merchants who are making good use of Facebook, and Freedlund Family Chiropractic is a good example. Freedlund used their Facebook program to support a charity which is important to their core function and it looks like they had a very good response. Freedlund has also just begun a blog, on Google’s Blogger platform.

So maybe you are one of those small town or small business merchants who has had a brick and mortar presence in your town for 20 or 30 years, and never really developed a marketing plan because you did not have to, but now you want to take a crack at Social Media because it is way cheaper than TV or print media (but you have to value your time) and you go online looking for information about Social Media and you are OVERWHELMED. Everywhere you search there is information, and it all sounds pretty complicated.

What do you do? Well, I have been building lens and hubpages and blogs and websites and teaching how to build websites for five years, and in order to sort through the hurricane of information, I found some professionals, Tina Williams and Maria Gudelis, and I took their Social Media Certification training. I needed the focus of one model. I needed to learn it from top to bottom, without reading 10 or 20 different blog articles a day.

That is what this ol’ Boomer brain needed. Why? Because this is my business, and I need to cut through the chaff and be able to create Social Media Campaigns for myself first, and then for clients, and learning one model is a key piece of that process. Once I have a model, then I can more effectively use information from other sources. So if you are in the same boat as me, or many small town businesses with this social media stuff, then I suggest you follow their blogs and decide whether or not the information you find their is worthwhile, and if it is, come back here and click on this link, and get their training. You truely will be prepared to create your own social media campaign.

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