Starting Up Social Media-I Bet You Saw Something You Wanted to Implement Yesterday and Today

Starting Up Social Media is an evolutionary process…it changes and grows with your experience and discoveries.

How often do you check  Twitter accounts for your tweets and retweets?  Just so you do not feel bad,  I have been using Twitter and Facebook for about three years and using a tool called Hootsuite to check on Twitter responses has only recently become part of my daily routine.

And it has already paid off in terms of a new relationship that I want to foster.   When I first began using Twitter,  about three years ago, I would read through my Twitter stream and reply every day,  and it was fun to engage in conversation with interesting people, but I could not for the life of me figure out how this was going to make me rich. And of course I could not figure out some people were growing their Twitter numbers so fast.  Mine were not growing like that, and I had Twitter envy.

Yeah, every new tool I discover is the ” one”, and I have to remember that Twitter is part of how I bring clients to my business, it is not a Get Rich Quick tool.

So eventually I quit using Twitter so regularly, although I did continue to use some of the apps  to build my Twitter numbers.  My thinking is that the folks following me on Twitter were like a mailing list, which is not all that accurate.

And then I re-discovered John Jantsch’s work, at Duct Tape Marketing, and it really made sense to me to use Social Media to connect with 200-300 social media users in my immediate area and talk with them so that if they were in need of my services, I would be the first person they thought of, so I began to use Hootsuite and make it a part of my daily routine to update my Twitter accounts with some humourous posts, and the occasional affiliate link, or promotion, and low and behold,  some of my tweets were retweeted, one of which was by SMBusiness,  so I checked them out, and found a very interesting article by another Boomer Social Media writer, and I subscribed to his youtube channel and Facebook page because his ideas resonated with me.

So my point is that I continue to try out new things in the Social Media field but the tools have to offer me some time efficiencies.  Would love to know how your use of Social Media has evolved, and what tools make your experience efficient.

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