Starting Up Social Media at the 3H Women’s Expo.

One day removed from the the 3H Women’s Expo and I am ready to move on to the next goal.   Both Julie and I had to stretch to get a display, a banner, brochures, articles, ect. prepared, and be prepared to meet many different kinds of  visitors and co-vendors,   and I had to learn a bit about my phone. The phone  is now enabled for Facebook and Youtube,  and I got a lot of pictures up, with my wife’s patient help.  I did not get a lot of visitors to my booth,  actually did  not expect a lot, but I did hope to take pictures of other presenters and put them up on Facebook with an invitation to come visit that provider at the 3H Women’s Expo right then.  Real time Social Media, so to speak, so I did that with a few of the vendors.  It was a struggle for all of us 65 vendors though,  because we all had the same idea.  So when someone came to my booth to tell me about their product, I offered to put them up on Facebook and/or Youtube.  Most of them were interested in leads and sales for their own business and not too open to my business, and since a number of the folks I spoke to were members of various mlm companies,  and since I am using one mlm product, I was not very open to their offer or pitch nor were they to mine, I am going to follow up with them anyway to remind them of what social media could do for lead generation.  I did have an idea for a service that I could perform for other expo presenters and that is to do the Social Media on the spot for all the vendors.  What would it be like to have a computer and a projector and a camera hooked up or a phone and just show Youtube and Tweets happening right from the Expo.  Each vendor could get a real time  or at least as fast as Youtube or Twitter could upload advertisement out to their targeted followers.  The headline speaker for the 3H Expo was Tara Costa of The Biggest Loser fame,  who was a real sweetheart.  Tara spent a lot of time mingling with the vendors and just talking like she was your friend.   Her story was not hype, and did not hawk products.   She took a great deal of time to pose for pictures.  Real class act.  Good luck on your iron man race training Tara.  You deserve the best.  There were some other interesting presenters, on stress, yoga, massage, Zumba, and belly dancing.  Sue Michealsen was front and center for massage and Tai Chi and her other specialties.  I was going to take some videos of Stacy Snow volunteering for the belly dancing , but Julie cautioned me, so I did not and Stacy expressed some gratitude for that choice.   I did get to meet to of the folks I trade quips with at the  Rockford Woman Network, Gloriann Dawson and Kathleen Rehberg, who broke away from her blog Camp Kathy and her muck boots to be at the Expo.  Gloriann was selling copies of her book One Daughter’s Story.  I got videos of both of them although the sound is not good for Kathleen.  To see them just hit the Youtube button in the navbar.

So the big leap for me was publicly committing to a business,  and preparing to sell it and take orders.   I guess I was not so well prepared mentally.

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