Starting Up Social Media-Are You an Author Without a Social Media Plan?

Start Up Social Media

I am sitting at  the computer pretty amazed right now.

I just found some links to my counseling website from a blog that is authored by an M.D., a psychiatriast, who has written a very topical book,  and is in the process of releasing a second book, closely related.   Her blog is very nicely done,  it looks nice,   is well written, which means that I can understand it, but when you go to her Social Media accounts,  they do not work, or take me to a Facebook page that is filled with spam.  The Twitter account has few updates, and she is using Blog Talk Radio, but I did not check to see how current that tool is.

Her topic ought to be generating a huge amount of conversation on about 20 different social media platforms and sales and publicity to match.   So if you are an author, getting ready to release a book, then you need to be involved with a Social Media Campaign Specialist who is going to get your important message to the marketplace in an organized and coherent manner.

Otherwise you are leaving money on the table, money that could go to this Doc’s favorite project or at least her retirement savings, although it does not look like she is close to retirement age.

It used to be that the publisher’s of a book would set up a publicity tour, back in the day when they broadcast information to us, and we had to accept it as is.

But that day is past, and now we engage in conversations with just about anybody, including authors of recently released books.

If done in an organized manner, with a plan to organize efforts, that updating and those conversations can be done in an efficient manner.

Without a plan then those conversations will go off on some very wild tangents and consume prodigious amounts of time,  which might be better spent on a sequel.

So if you are getting ready to release your new book, please consult with a social media campaign specialist to maximize your online exposure.   And that campaign specialist just might be able to help with the offline contacts also.

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  1. interesting –Thanks for the insights!

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