Starting Up a Business or Social Media or Both? In Rockford? We should talk!

Not sure about you, but I love working online.  In fact, with this post I will have updated three websites today,  one of which is my Ask Mike the Counselor website,  and the second is my Logan Counseling website, which is where you can really see the work I am doing with social media.   While I have to update the counseling blog frequently,  Logan Counseling frequently ranks number one in Google search for counseling keywords in the Rockford area.  I love seeing my little blog, done in my basement offfice ranking so high, ahead of the psychology today’s and theravives of the world, who are some of the national and international presences in the therapy internet fields.   While there is a learning curve, it is not hard to do.    One of the fun things for Julie and I is our Blog Talk Radio channel.  We do a fifteen minute show one time per week,  in order to build a community around our business.   We have done three or four now, and one of her clients told me last week that he really enjoyed listening to us.  Now the widget is up on both websites, so you can listen too.

I will be doing interviews soon with start ups locally to give them some publicity and to show case how simple it can be to use Social Media to jump start your community building.   Listen to the show Julie and I did yesterday, and you will hear us having fun.  I am hoping to put a widget on my Facebook pages today, so replays will be visible there and on my blog, and I will twitter them, and perhaps I will put up a little youtube video also.  Might take me two hours to start up my social media.

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