Start up Your Social Media Marketing Plan With Google Local?

Social Media Marketing Plan

I have been building a blog, Logan Counseling, for my wife’s therapy practice for about four months now.  My whole strategic goal was to dominate several geo-targeted counseling keywords so that searches to them would see Logan Counseling at number one and our Google ad in the “Google Box” or in the top seven ads, and things have gone along quite well until just this week, when we dropped to number four in search and the ad disappeared.

So I went underground to edit the ad,  and it looks like it was deleted.  Not sure what that is all about but I redid the ad and I need to wait for my chance to claim the ad by Google postcard so the ad reappears in the top seven.  My browser is showing a lot more Google maps than ads these days, not sure what they are testing, but I redid my map also.

I love it when my little blog ranks higher than Psychology Today or Theravive, two major therapy directories.

It is very

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