Start Up Your Rockford Social Media With Me! First Social Media Workshop July 8th, 2011.

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Are you ready to start the online version of your annual marketing plan?  You have one of those,  right?  You have a marketing budget, right?  If we were in a marketing class right now, our instructor would say to those of us who do not have a marketing budget that we are not in business.

But you can offset the lack of radio or TV or newspaper advertising or direct mail or door hangers, ect. by systematically using social media and other online tools.  Many of them, like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are free to set up, but be careful of how you use your time, of course.

What can be the result of a systematic approach to online marketing?   Building relationships with customers who are searching for what you have.  Many of them.

How many of those customers do you need to have per week, per month, per year to be profitable, given the value of a lifetime customer in your business?

Well, social media can do that for you easily,  for much less money than an advertising campaign.

But a systematic approach linking all those tools together can seem mind boggling, based on the usual reaction that I get from folks, so I am going to offer a sequence of workshops at my office beginning Friday July 8th, from 8;30a.m. until 11:30a.m.   Bring your laptop and walk out the door with a social media tool in place, a tool which will help you build ‘know, like, and trust’ with many clients

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  1. Great post – ‘Start-Up’ – Michael.

    Have fun with your Workshops –
    Have one myself next Thursday.

    What a Great season, we are in.

    Keith D Shrock,

    “Happy Social-Networking!”


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