Start Up Social Media

Starting a new business?  Boot strapping?  You  have enough to do!  Did you include a social media blueprint?  No?  Don’t panic.   That is where I come in.  I can help you to build a community around your business that will build your business for you.  We used to have to do that by word of mouth, one consumer at a time.  Now we can build a following on multiple social media platforms and inform them of our services by the thousands, or tens of thousands by Twitter.    (Remember Paul Revere? One if by land, two if by sea.)

How many social media platforms are there?  Thousands.   So why let me set-up a campaign for you that makes it possible for you to update your social media followers between customers in your shop?

Need a blog like this one?  A Youtube account, Facebook?  Or just traffic to your website?  Social media is so flexible.  Give me a call to for a demo. Mike

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