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Small Business Twitter Account-

There is only one size smaller business  than I and Julie, who are Logan Counseling.   Well, actually two sizes, with the smallest being that we are out of business, but the two of us are a viable and profitable business entity… and our marketing plan routinely goes by the wayside when our schedules are too full.

(I am the chief cook, bottle washer, and twitterer for Start Up Social Media, though).

I have sat myself down on New Year’s Day, and created goals for the year, using my best Anthony Robbins trance, and actually, you should not confuse yearly goals  with a marketing plan, and I am often required to amend those goals  by current events, like a child’s illness, or children’s illnesses, since they were both sick at our house this winter.

So when you are  a small business, and taking care of everything from writing receipts to the laundry before and after work,  marketing can go by the wayside when things are going well, which makes for a risky business situation, because you are not prospecting, and what happens if you are suddenly faced by competition which costs less?  You suffer a loss of revenue

So maybe on the Fourth of July I take a moment to look up at the progress of the year, and see where I am with my goals,  and I am almost always able to say that I now have new goals for the year, and although I had the best of intentions for getting TV or print coverage for my new tools in my or our practice, it has not happened.

Then along came Social Media.  The first social media tool I made any effort to use was Twitter, at the urging of a coach, and this was perhaps 3 years ago.   I built a Twitter account but resisted putting a picture up on my profile because I did not have a professional picture and I did not know how to upload one either.  Yes, computer illiterate.  I spent hours going through the Tweets to my account and crafting careful replies and had some nice conversations, but no luck with sales, which is what I wanted.   So I quit using it,  but then a friend of mine built a Twitter following of perhaps 70,000 and his tweets and retweets really make a difference for my tweets.  My eyes were opened and slowly it dawned on me that I could build ‘know, like, and trust’ for Logan Counseling tweet by tweet.  I could even generat e leads locally by learning how to search Twitter for key words that folks use who have counseling needs.

And the best part, I could schedule that and be done with it for the day if need be, although you can monitor your Tweet streams and respond real time if you want.

Then combine Twitter with Facebook, Youtube, and any number of other platforms and you can be active in conversations with other social media users in your area every day.  On your time on your schedule,  and it has a cumulative effect much greater than any print or tv campaign that we at Logan Counseling could ever hope to do.

Now I have at list five Twitter acounts that I update several times a day (you can schedule tweets) and I retweet many others tweets to help them build “know, like, and trust’, and I prospect using Twitter too.

Guess maybe I do have a marketing plan.

2 Responses to “Start Up Social Media-Your Small Business Twitter Account”

  1. dale says:

    Mike: Came upon your website. Its nice to have somebody a tad older thats knowledgable about social media. To me its a giant puzzle. I was able to build up loyal customers in my decorating business through small effective advertising in the yellow pages and newspaper from the early 70s to 2000. Unfortunately the game has changed and I’m lost. Being blind to social media I put my foot into Homeadvisor and Egumball last year. I had bad experiences with both of them and am now once again frustrated. I have a little famiiarity with computers and cellphones . I don’t need many customers just a few to generate some leads. Any ideas? Dale

    • admin says:

      Dale, I am so sorry to have missed your e-mail…been involved in family matters since last fall…. There are zillion resources for you online. Check out Mari Smith writing on Facebook, Michael Stelzner’s Social Media Examiner, the Sitesell page on Facebook, Sara Evans writing on how to use Twitter, or if you are in Rockford, lets have coffee, because I am just like you, I do not need a zillion customers to be profitable. Again I apologize for the really tardy reply. Message me on Facebook at, or or call me at 815-0=975-7256, which is my cell phone.

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