Start Up Social Media-Your Annual Small Business Marketing Plan Is Easier Using Social Media

Small Business Social Media

If you are like me, and my wife Julie, RN, LCSW, the proprietors of a two person business called Logan Counseling, when it came to marketing, we both agreed that it ought to be done, and we would get right on it. But first we needed to see clients, do the casenotes, the billing, return phone calls, schedule continuing education, shovel the sidewalks, sweep the entry way, vacuum carpets, write checks, get the group room ready, write checks, consult with DCFS, clean the bathroom, make coffee, ect. Oh, and then there are the kids and their Christmas concerts and shows, and what happens if one or both of them are sick.

Right after we got those things done, we would get on the marketing, which means that it seldom got done is a systematic manner. No way did we ever create a systematic plan for the entire year. It was more like can we get some TV or print coverage for this great new counseling tool that we are using, and we have been successful at that over the years, but not one referral has ever come from TV or print. My referrals and Julie’s have almost all been the result of word of mouth.

In fact, I have had many of my Domestic Violence referrals report to me that they heard of my program while they were in jail. You may laugh, but I will take those referrals.

And now of course, I am blogging and website building and learning how to take advantage of social media online conversations to bring referrals to my Start Up Social Media business and to Logan Counseling.

Social Media skills and tools allow me to actually develop a marketing plan for the year that engages folks locally so they know about both my endeavors. Actually I do that daily. And I get to talk to folks almost every day so my Facebook and Twitter and Youtube friends get to know me and remember my brand. We get to share stories and pictures about our kids, celebrate our family trips, the movies we like, insult each other’s sports allegiances, and share product recommendations (!).

So now I have a marketing plan that takes advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other platforms, including this blog which offers tremendous search engine optimization advantages, to reach many local folks daily who would not remember an advertisement, a newspaper column, or a TV spot for five minutes. And I reach them over and over again. Sounds like great marketing plan to me.

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