Start Up Social Media Why

Start Up Social Media

Why?  What in the name of heaven or otherwise can Tweets and Likes and Tumblr’s and Stumbles do for your business? 

If you are like my wife, Julie, RN, LCSW, the therapeutic brains at our small business, the whole idea of Social Media makes you angry, because it can be very difficult to sort the social media wheat from the chaff.  She wants nothing to do with it, even though she does understand that a social media campaign like the one I have done for Logan Counseling keeps her very visible in the Google top ten search, and I think she appreciates that, but wants no part of doing it herself because it can be confusing to do a social media campaign.  

When I am doing social media campaigns, there are SEO or search engine optimization considerations, and there are, for me, marketing considerations.  So that means I need to attend to Google Places and Google Maps and their equivalent at Yahoo and Bing.  I want traffic to my websites, who will click on adsense ads and affiliate programs also, and I want to increase my local reach for my Social Media consulting business so I have clients who pay me for my expertise.  Each platform that I use, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any of 1600 others, maybe more by now, requires a different kind of participation and offers different .  And then when you get it all set up,  Google and Facebook change everything.  And don’t forget mobile, which is how most folks update Social Media these days, which embarasses me, because I just bought a PC to do social media and can barely use my cell phone, much to the irritation of my wife.

There are about one zillion articles and experts and programs being written per day about the changes to business wrought by the internet.  Perhaps you have even read about the Amazon tax, which has affiliate marketers screaming bloody murder.

So if it is so confusing and noisy, why start?  The answer is simple.  Most business is local.  If you can connect with the 200-300 local social media users  nearbye in a fun and playful way, you will keep your business in their minds eye and they will think of you first when they need your product.

So how do you find those local folks on twitter, anyway?  Easy, Twitter has an advanced search.  Getting them to follow you back is a little harder, and you will need to call me for the answer to that one.  815-484-0946

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