Start Up Social Media Trends-Can They Benefit Your Business.

I can remember returning to graduate school in 1996, somewhat aware of this new fangeled thing called “The World Wide Web”  and this other thing called “The Internet”,  and I was proud not to know how to use either or the computers they came on, until I went back to the library looking for my old familiar card catalog, a block long cabinet made out of hardwood, with thousands of shelves filled with little index cards and call numbers and author’s names and imagine my surprise when I found that cabinet gone and replaced by computers.

I gulped and somehow learned how to even turn them on and I  become somewhat conversant with them (computers), and now I am running businesses online, doing counseling online, and trying to keep up with the dizzying speed of change online,  and  Iknow the information in the video above will make me come online with cell phones, which I have resisted passively.  My wife is glued to hers, and my son texts by the hundreds, and my daughter will soon have one attached to her ear also.  But I want to make money with mine.  .  Look for some local start-ups  soon.

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