Start Up Social Media in Winnebago-Free Social Media Makeover!

I talked the folks at the Winnebago Public Library Friday and it turns out that I can use their meeting room to do presentation on Social Media or perhaps Small Town or Small Business Social Media?  That is good news.  Now I have to get my slides downloaded to a computer that I can use with their projector, and Windows is saying that the product key that I have on my new pc is not the product key that will activate the Windows program on my computer, and the help for Windows is extremely confusing, but I will get this figured out somehow, because it is important for me to have these tools for my presentations.  So while I have not set the date, or downloaded the slides, I do know that I will be offering a free social media makeover for the winner of a drawing I will have.  And I have some excellent resources for my presentation, mainly Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams who are certifying me as a social media expert.

So you might ask what Social Media does for me and Julie, my partner at Logan Counseling.  Well, our little blog,  Logan-Counseling,  which is key word optimized for this keyword,  rockford counseling,  ranks number one today for that keyword,  which is supplemented by our facebook page for Logan Counseling, and our twitter acount for Logan Counseling, among others social media properties.  It takes my a few minutes at my pc to update them for today, and anyone who Googles rockford counseling will find us a positions 1 and 3 in their search.  We rank ahead of some major internet players for that keyword, which could bring us a client or two per month, and that actually is our business plan.   Logan Counseling is Julie and I and we do not have time or money to hire consultants or create complicated business plans.    So now I am done for now, maybe even for today, and I can go help my daughter get past this frustrating obstacle on the penguin game….”Daddy, it is all blue…Does that mean I  am under water…?”

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