Start Up Social Media in Rockford-Ladies In Professional Power

Start Up Social Media

Need your help with something, fellow social media enthusiasts.

How does this sound for an elevator speech?  I help small business owners attract and engage quality customers with social media tools.  That really fits with what I am doing for customers right now.  However I have some feedback that “quality customers” does not ring true, and that “demographic” might fit better in that spot.  What do you think?

I did get to the L.I.P.P. (Ladies in Professional Power) kickoff Wednesday night and there were approximately 50-60 business women there sharing information about their businesses and listening closely to what membership might net them for their business over the next year.  I got to catch up with an old friend, Ruth Brueger from Rockton, Il.  who has a wonderful product, a crying towel for golfers and others who need a crying towel.  Julie went with me so I got to introduce her to a number of the women I had already met with, including Tammy Livingston and Daisy Botti.

I have been following along with the LIPP facebook page subsequent to the kickoff and there are new members being announced so it looks like the organic growth has started to take off.  The next meeting of the Ladies in Professional Power will be May 4rth, 2011 and I will keep you posted about the date.

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