Start Up Social Media in Rockford at the 3H Women’s Expo Nov. 7th!

Start Up Social Media

OK, so now I am certified and I have a been building a Social Media Campaign for myself and the Winnebago Chamber of Commerce and getting ready for the 3H Women’s expo here in Rockford, which will happen November 7, 2010.   I have even ordered brochures and a banner and I will be next to my wife’s table with my Start Up Social Media table.  She will be representing our Logan Counseling business, which is mostly hers now.  I really enjoy being in business with my wife and sharing these kinds of events with her.

I have been using the 3H Expo as a demarcation point,   I guess to take my business public and begin to market what I can do.  I am getting ready to begin an offline marketing campaign to therapists and counselors in particular, but any small business owner like Julie and I who love what we do, but does not have alot or any time to systematically market.  Social media tools are timely and efficient and make possible a much more economical approach to marketing based on conversations rather than broadcasts,  an electronic back fence so you can chat with many 100’s or 1000’s of folks at one time.

When I was volunteering at the Winnebago Scarecrow and Pumpkin festival, I was surprised by how many small businesses there were in Winnebago,  and I have found many who do not have any Social Media presence at all.

That amazes me, because my Start Up Social Media business is all online!  The social media efforts that I have made on behalf of Logan Counseling have the Logan Counseling blog ranked number one for the most important counseling/therapy keyword for our town.   In other words, when people search that keyword, they find our blog, and if they search images or videos, they find our images and videos ranked highly.   We will be seen before other therapists or agencies.    A number of our peers pay for Google Adwords ads, but out clicks are free, which is very important to our bottom line.

And we have made it a point to have Google Local and Google maps done for our business, so we are visible online.

Writing this post has helped me clarify some ideas about how I will present social media at my booth for the 3h Women’s Expo.   Cool.

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