Start Up Social Media For Your Therapy Practice? Would You Like to Reach 5000 New Potential Customers?

Starting Up Social Media For Fun and Profit

Can your blog about your practice rank number one on Google?  Can your Google local ad be visible at the top of the page and bring you calls?  How about Yahoo Local, and the Bing equivalent?  Twittering about your ideas can bring calls?  And Facebook?  And Yelp?  How will I ever get it all done?  (Just a hint-if you build an e-book about your ideas, you can sell it on your blog.  An e-book does not have to be like a thesis or a research paper)

The answer to the above questions is yes, and you do need to schedule it, and it is fun.   I attend to my Social Media contacts first thing every day, and I may or may not check to see what kind of conversations I can get involved in over the course of the day.

My goal is to simply increase the number of folks who know about me in my location.  I can do that very effectively by going where they are, which is Facebook, for example.

I do have a blog, Logan-Counseling, which I write a quick post to frequently, and a website, Ask Mike The Counselor2, which I also post short entries to frequently.  Logan-Counseling is designed to rank very highly for keywords in my location, and I am almost always number one, and have not been lower than number four in Google for my search term for four months, basically since I began the blog.  There are approximately 1000 searches for that search term every month,  and since I am number one for that search term, I am quickly visible to folks in Rockford who are searching for counseling information.

So not only do I have word of mouth for my business,  and the occasional referral from professional colleagues,  I have social media to bring visibility to my business not only when clients need  counseling information, but every day.

What does that cost me?  It is free, except for the time you commit to it, which needs to be included.

Most of the traffic I get to Logan-Counseling comes from my Facebook personal account.  Oh, I also have a Facebook business account too, and a whole bunch of Twitter accounts, and a several Youtube accounts also.

You might think that videos built by me about assertive communication would be virtually invisible.  Not true.    They will not go viral like the dancing baby, but they do get seen many times, and have brought traffic to my websites for over a year.  In fact the last time I checked my little Youtube videos had been seen over 26,000 times.

Are you tube videos hard to put up?  No.  If you have not done that before,  it will feel like a strange endeavor, and then you will have it down, and be the digital leader in your community.

I have gotten to the point where I can shoot and upload a video in 20-30 minutes,  a video which will be available to the public for as long as Al Gore leaves up the internet.

Sound intriguing?  I can coach you to do this or link you with the materials you need to DIY.  Imagine yourself as star of Stage, Screen, and Twitter.  Mike


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