Start Up Social Media and Then What? Social Media Blog or Social Media Blahs?

Starting Up Social Media Blog

It is one of those days when I am not filled with inspiration, and I know that what I write at this moment will not be profound for many folks, but I need to attend to my online social media accounts anyway.  My energy is really on a brochure and some other marketing media materials I am putting together for the 3H Womens Expo which will be in Rockford, Il.  on November 7th.   This expo is very exciting, in part because Julie, my wife, will be at the table next to me, so we can have some fun while marketing to our neighbors,  and it marks the point where I really take my online Starting Up Social Media business offline, where I will find clients also.  My energy is really getting drawn to offline, and Stacy Snow, the lady who is creating this event is doing a great job.  She has the event filled, and has been marketing steadily.  This is Julie’s first Expo for her therapy practice which has to provide income for her kids a long time if I am gone.  I am referring to the age difference between Julie and I which is 16 years,  and that is a factor in all of our decisions, since our kids are 12 and 6.  So the fact that Julie is working on building Logan Counseling is a very exciting to me.  So look for us at the 3H Women’s Expo on November 7th.

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