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Social Media Specialist

I took the following quote from a Quincy Illinois Chamber of Commerce post, and I will make sure their is a track back, and it really explains I think the advantages for learning about social media platforms.  I routinely bring traffic to this blog and my other online properties using Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

You will note of course that I have not excluded SEO from the traffic building process, but I can build a geotargeted following on Twitter and Facebook quickly and those folks can get a sense of my personality through my posts.  I get to talk to them as a friend rather than as a salesperson, which is really how I would prefer to get to know folks.   However my sales message is not far away, perhaps in a Facebook coupon or a squeeze page on my blog,  and as folks get comfortable with how I present myself, they are more open to the products and services I offer.   All of that can happen very quickly.  So I can put my friendly and quirky sense of humor in front of Twitter and Facebook followers and Youtube viewers as many times as I choose to.

“Alot of people ask why Qtown is involved with these kind of events.  [Social Media Trainings] The answer is simple, given the economic condition and the limited funds for advertising and marketing, proper social media usage by a business can have drastic affects on communicating with potential clients, as well as keeping current clients up to speed with specials, promotions, or general information. Proper social media usage is a free tool that when properly used can have a long lasting positive impact upon a businesses visibility and interaction with a large group of localized potential clients. Educating the public and businesses on how to utilize Social Media is an ongoing goal of Qtown.”

Quincy, Illinois is not  Chicago or a big media center, but social media use can bring the message of any business in Quincy to a international marketplace if they want.

Hope the Qtown trainings included how to use Google Local.

You go Qtown,  and if you are ready to move call me at 815-484-0946 to talk with a Certified Social Media Campaign specialist.

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