So You Are A Two Person Business-Can You Build Your Own Social Media? Can You Automate It? Can it be fun?

Good morning very small business owner.  If you are like me, your wife is at the office seeing clients, and you are home with the kids who are in the next room bickering over the TV. Every once in awhile Hannah Marie the six year old runs in to breathlessly report that she is “bored” ,  like Daddy should turn into a circus of exciting and sugary stuff.

She seems amazed that I would point out that she has at least 700 stuffed animals to play with,  most of which are spread around the house,  knee deep in some spots, and she could get unbored by going to play with them.

And then I return to my computer, where I am running the online branch of Logan Counseling.  That is right,  I am the evangelist of social media and online information spreading, the bookmarker,  and twitterer, the Facebooker, and chief digger,  of Logan Counseling.

And I have developed an online presence for Julie and I that reaches around the planet 24/7, and is a virtual sales funnel.

It is now systematized to the point where I can get up in the morning and take care of each aspect of our social media in a few hours and get on with the business of bugging kids and seeing clients.

So here is what I did today,  and I need to be very protective about my schedule in this regard,  and do it first thing in the morning, since I am a morning person.

1.  I need to remember the plan I have created.   My goal is to bring in  a couple of new clients each month minimum and have fun doing it.  Your business plan can be bigger, but you need to have a plan.

2. Evaluate statistics on Site Build It website, Ask Mike The Counselor2.

3. Update content on Ask Mike.

4.  Submit an article to Submit Your Article.

5.  Peruse Science Daily for hints on articles for Logan-Counseling

6.  Update Logan Counseling blog.

(Time elapsed-one hour or one and one-half hour).

7.  Update this blog.

8.  Check Facebook account and engage in conversations.

9.  Create a Youtube video.

10.  Perhaps build some backlinks.

11.  Schedule Blog Talk Radio show with Julie, who is making the big bucks at the office.

Sounds pretty straight forward, right.?  The one thing that I haven’t talked about are the automation tools that are already set-up and running in the background.   Setting them up can involve a bit of tedium,  but then my blog entry shows up in Facebook and Twitter right away, as does my Youtube video and perhaps you are beginning to see what it is that I mean be a virtual sales funnel that amplifies the presence of Logan Counseling locally and nationally and internationally.

So back to today’s topic, yes it is very possible for you to set up a viable social media programs that takes advantage of platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to spread the word about your small business.

Is it fun?  It sure is fun to me to hear my wife talk about a call from a client in New York who called to schedule phone sessions because of our online presence, and I take great delight at dominating keywords  locally.  I routinely rank higher than Psychology Today for local search keywords. and yes, I have become a bit of a nerd in my geezer hood.

I can help you set up the same kind of program too, one that systematically builds your business while you are actually doing what your small business requires.

Here is the Youtube video that I made to go with this post,  if I ping this out on, it will go to 22 social media platforms, and then of course there are the video aggregators.Start Up Social Media News!

Oh, don’t forget the sharing options at Youtube.  Time for my son’s first 6th grade football team.  See you tomorrow.

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