Small Town Social Media Collaboration!

Small town social media.

I have been on this social media adventure for a couple of years now, mostly for my own websites, but in June of this year, I signed up with Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams to become certified as a social media marketing  campaign planner.   The training from two very experienced internet marketers has been intense and exceptional and the integration of the materials keeps me experiencing ‘aha’s”.

So about three weeks ago,  I did have an aha moment and came up with a name for my business, registered the domain and within moments came up with the name for this domain, Start Up Social Media, and spent some more money to register it,  but did get my Youtube channel built, a Facebook page, and some Blog Talk Radio interviews scheduled,  and I have already had some interesting conversations with potential business partners, like Tom McDunn, who teaches a social media marketing class at Eiger Lab in Rockford, Il.  I came across Tom’s blog, Lept Like a Blog, and left a comment for him, and Tom responded almost immediately and asked that we have coffee, and we did, and there is a chance that we could collaborate on some classes that he is doing at Eiger Lab which is a local business incubator that it sounds like Tom has been instrumental in developing.

A few entries back I mentioned running into Rick Jones who is an activist about Rockford,  quite by accident, unless you believe in synchronicity, which I do.  Well, Rick and I are going to do some Blog Talk Radio interviews about his mission and commitments  and what he would like to see more of us doing with our nutrition.

So stay tuned folks for small town social media with a mission.  Looking forward to working with both you fine gentlemen.

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