Small Town Social Media and Facebook and Youtube.

I am really excited today about Social Media marketing.  Well, I guess I should say there is good news, and work to be done.  Did a quick check to see how I am ranking for some of the keywords I have been targeting on this blog  and I am not visible in Google.  That is not good news, but that can be changed, with more posts, or more keyword research or both.  But Alexa rank continues to move in a good direction.  That is good news.  And I do rank for unexpected keywords,  in the Rockford area.   More good news.

And, as  a recent graduate of the Tina Williams/Maria Gudelis Social Media marketing guild and today,  I became an affiliate of Tina’s EZ Facebook  fan page mastery series.   I really marvel at what Maria and Tina have created, and are creating.   I have learned a huge amount of information from them, some of which is still a bit intimidating,  and I know that I will be making some leaps down the road for my clients because of what Maria and Tina have shared.  And the community is wonderful.  Part of the bonus for signing up today was a video about Facebook contests.  I have listened to it twice since I got up at 3:30 a.m. and picked up very important new information both times, and I need to keep repeating the video until I have it memorized.

By then of course, Facebook will have changed, and I will have to repeat the process with the updated materials available to me as a lifetime member of the EZ fanpage tools.

Another task is to continue to build out the structure of this blog.   I have had conversations with other blogging  folks much sooner that I expected to have conversations, and I need to get the plug ins for that, and a navigation plug in, and a blog roll set up, and an aweber account, and a squeeze page put in for my own services and newsletter.

So this afternoon, after updating Ask Mike the Counselor,  and Logan Counseling,  I will come back and work on some of those things.

I had fun this weekend with my trusty video camera,  at the Winnebago Street dance, and at the 6th grade junior tackle football game, taking some videos of Winnebago folks including my kids having fun doing the limbo and something I can only describe as the balloon dance, and my daughter getting her face painted by the High School girls.   Hannah Marie had no problem showing off for the camera, and I think that the folks who organized the Street dance did a great job and deserve to take some bows.

So go to the Winnebago Park District Facebook page and see if you are in the videos.  More to come.

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  1. always great to read your insights Mike.

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