Small Town Social Media and Brain Fitness? More Neurons and More Customers?

Can learning a new skill like the skills involved in small town social media marketing increase brain fitness?  Well, if your head feels heavier after trying to get your Facebook personal page and business pages built and linked to Twitter and  Youtube  and you looked at your show page at Blog Talk Radio, then you may have built some new circuits in your brain, and that process, which really does happen by the way,  is called neuroplasticity.  Any time we learn a new skill, the neurons in our brains connect in new ways, which is good thing when your brain displays some wear and tear, like my 62 year old brain.  The problem with those new circuits,  like your social media marketing, is they have to be used regularly to be effective.   The brain will dismantle unused circuits in order to save on fuel.  No need to keep unused circuits idling and burning fuel.  Unused social media tools are very similar to those new brain circuits.  Getting excited about them, getting them all put up,  with visions of increased cash flow and hordes of customers and then not using your social media tools will result in social media alzheimers,  and your business will not benefit.

However, using small town social marketing and small business social marketing tools can circumvent weaknesses in advertising budgets for example, since they are free (however you must pay attention too and perhaps even expense the time you spend on social media tools) just like building neurogenesis, or the growth of new neurons, and building new neural circuits can bypass alzheimers plaques in your brain, so that the weaknesses do not impact daily performance.

Of course,  a strategy for social media and measurement of success will be important components of any social media plan,  so give some thought ahead of time to your business plan.  Of course, your business plan, like the business plan that Julie and I have at Logan Counseling may be to keep some new business coming in.  When someone waves a sheaf of papers at me and says build your business plan with these, my eyes glaze over and I go torment my kids to forget.

That is because I am a doer, which is what my business requires.  I have forms to fill out for existing referrers, who I already have a relationship with, but because of competition, I could lose that relationship if I do not take care of it.   Taking care of the existing customers means I may not get to building a plan for a social media marketing onslaught.

That is where you may need to hire me as your campaign strategist.

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