Small Business Social Media-Your Mobile Strategy and Your Groupon Strategy?

Small Business Social Media-

What is your Groupon Strategy? Got a strategy for Mobile? Does Google have a free page for your small business, or your small town business?
The answer to the last question is yes, Google does have a Search Engine Optimized page for you, and they want you to claim it, because there is big push coming soon for mobile advertising. Part of the Google strategy in making Google Places pages available for your business free is the expectation that more and more online searches will be made from phones rather than lap tops or desk tops. In fact, most of the youngsters have their entire lives in their phones, and soon we will be buying through our phones like they were a debit card, so we may not even need a credit card. On a down side, can you imagine how your Dept. of Motor Vehicles will screw this up? I am still carrying my license.

But Groupon is taking the world by storm, and mobile will play a part in that, especially if you are a restaurant, for example. Hungry customers will look for their favorite restaurant or food on their phone, or check their e-mail for their Groupon and if you have one, they just might buy and come on in for lunch or dinner. But they will definitely be finding one or the other or both online or on their phone. I am reading that this will happen rather quickly, by the end of 2011, a few say by the end of 2012.

Are you an affiliate marketer? Groupon has an affiliate program. So I wonder if a store can be an affiliate and run their own Groupon bargain? Are you a Social Media marketer? Where does Groupon fit in your Social Media tool kit? Stay tuned for some ideas. Mike

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