Small Business Social Media-What is Your Plan?

Small Business Social Media

You are a small business owner, like Julie and I, and our small business, with just the two of us constitutes a very small business, and you are hearing about “social media” and you have watched a Youtube video or two and you have two kids to get ready for school, and continuing education to take care of to maintain your professional status, and  unexpected dentist bills to pay, and the boy wants to play football, and the team pictures are Sat. and Julie has clients scheduled, and you want to develop the social media and online aspects of your business, because it sounds really neat (maybe you read my post from yesterday) and it could make you money, but you know to do anything well you need to plan a strategy which will take some research, and how do you find the time for research, and once you do the research, how much time will social media take from the days you do not have enough time in already?

If you made it through the above paragraph,  and identified, then you are an entrepreneur and a parent, and you are struggling to allocate scarce resources, one of which is time.

Not sure I can help you with finding a block of time to begin to take a look at how social media and building a community around your business can build your business for you, but I hope you do find it, because I am very confident that once you figure out which of the platforms that you want to use to build a community around your business, you will be able to plan a routine that allows you to address that community building in a timely and effecient routine.  Maybe some of your routine will be daily, other parts will be twice daily, other parts weekly, some perhaps monthly.

And once the results start to become apparent,  you will find yourself making that time available without worry about wasting a scarce commodity, your time.  In fact the more comfortable I become with the tools I have, the easier it is to do them and to get on to things I have wanted to do forever, like cook some different meals for the family, try out some piano lessons, and play catch with the boy, who is worried about his relationship with his Dad.

In contrast, building a traditional website that requires a good deal of writing and SEO, social media is incredibly efficient for reaching folks who want to chat with me and get to know me and maybe later will buy from me.  It takes me much more time to write a page for a regular website, like Ask Mike the Counselor2 than it does to do this entry.  Don’t get me wrong, I update Ask Mike almost every day.   And now I am updating Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin and Youtube frequently also.  Hope you enjoy your journey.

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