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Small Business Social Media-Small Town Social Media

I have been using Social Media tools for about 2 and 1/2 years now.  Must admit that when I first was instructed to build a Twitter account, I did not see the value in it.    Did not see the value in putting up a profile picture.  Then started reading every tweet in my stream, and replying to them, and waiting and waiting for my follower count to grow, as if that would translate into dollars of profit.  I also built a Facebook profile too, and then did not visit it or develop it for years.

To make a long story short,  I did not yet have a marketing mindset.  There was some kind of internal disconnect between what I knew to work in more traditional venues like broadcast channels and what I was doing online.  I also was the proud owner and creator of a more traditional website,  AskMiketheCounselor2, and very tied into generating traffic through traditional SEO, so I did not understand the value of using tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to build communities.

But then I got some instruction in building Youtube videos and in 2009,  I built a bunch of them and spread them around the internet, all of them about counseling keywords,  and was really, really surprised when I began to get hits.    Some were found much more often than others,  which gave me a sense of what folks on Youtube were looking for in regard to counseling keywords, and then those Youtube folks began to visit AskMike, and folks from my Ezine Articles account began to visit AskMike, and as traffic grew, it dawned on me that regular effort,  which means for me, that I time it, and leave the particular venue at the end of the time for that day, would result in increased traffic, increased ‘know, like, and trust’, and actually more fun.

My guess is that you will follow a similar path as you venture out into the Social Media sea, and it can feel like you are on a raft in the midst of millions of tweets and updates.

Here is where you have to remember what your goal is for your Social Media marketing.  If you lose sight of it, you will waste time.

Are there tools to help you build your twitter account faster, get more like on Facebook, and get your Youtube videos seen more often?  There sure are.  Call me at 815-484-0946.

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