Small Business Social Media-Rockford Groupon Coupon

Small Business Social Media-

Have you heard of Groupon? It is a fun local coupon where businesses offer around a 50% discount for a special for a local business, but the publicity is worldwide. Groupon just turned down a big offer from Google, which speaks to how confident they are in their business model. I became a Groupon affiliate about three weeks ago, and have been working on how to publicize my affiliate link where I am the strongest on Social Media, which is Twitter and Facebook and my website, I think that Groupon could be a great way to get folks to buy local and save local. What do you think? I will get a Groupon link in the right column for this blog later today. The Groupon affiliate folks have been a great help too, as I develop what looks like an effective marketing strategy for myself. I am looking forward to making this an important part of my business model. Know anyplace else I should explore for posting my affiliate link? Please let me know, and we can help our local merchants stay solvent. Mike

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