Small Business Social Media-How Fast Can It Happen?

Start Up Social Media

How does social media work for job seekers?  I responded to this ad less than 1/2 hour after it was posted.  The best social media response time I have ever had was to a bit of a complaint I had about Dell Customer Service.  I sent a tweet hoping to get a response from Dell, who never did respond, but I had a response from a camera shop in Green Bay Wisconsin in 4 minutes.

The following is an ad I just happened to see on Craig’s List.  He said he needed someone fast….

I have a startup social media consulting company that is growing very quickly! So far, I am the only employee but just got a huge project that leaves me needing an assistant ASAP.

This is a 2-month project of about 5 hours per week @ $10/hour to start. You can work remotely and on your own time for the most part thought I will need an hour or two with you every couple of weeks.

If you are amazing, the job will continue on past these two months and will gradually include more hours and raises + some pretty cool perks.

-very familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Blogging
-extremely reliable and self-motivated (I don’t have time to micro-manage but I expect the work to get done)
-I’m ideally looking for a college student who is interested in pursuing a career in social media.

If interested, reply to post with:
-link to your facebook
-link to your twitter
-link to your linked in
-link to your blog (optional)
-your schedule
-paragraph explaining why you want to pursue a career in social media
-anything else about you that I may find interesting
-when you are available to start

I’m ideally looking for someone to start yesterday. If partying for Mardi Gras is a big priority for you, this job is definitely not for you.

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