Small Business Social Media for Fun and Profit

Small Business Social Media

You cannot get too much smaller than Julie and I, who are the Co-CEO’s and Co-Janitors for Logan Counseling, in Rockford, Illinois.   Julie has managed to build a thriving therapy practice, at the time when I am winding down mine, and can pay more attention to the kids, and my online enterprises, which are growing.

Emotionally, when I think about her success and cash flow, I feel safe, and  excited for her, because she has worked hard and long personally and professionally to get to this place.  And then when I think about our incomplete safety net or an illness or accident to either of us, I feel fear.

As small business owners, we have a lot of flexibility, and absolutely no clout in the market place.  If the county I am in decides to quit referring to me, I have no ability to change that, for example.  So  I need to have a number of income streams in place.   Perhaps one of them is the primary income stream where I place most of my efforts, but if one goes away, then the others need to be able to come online and replace the lost stream rapidly.

Sort of like ADD business.  Part of that for me is building passive income streams, which will result in income after I am gone even,  and perhaps you are wondering how building social media communities can make a difference in all that?

Community is the important word.  Social media allows me to talk to folks who are close by who might become customers of Logan Counseling, or, which is the most recent manifestation of one of my efforts to build  a passive income stream.  I actually started with online businesses five years six years ago in May, and I have been learning about what is successful by trial and error ever sense.

There were no social media tools then,  so as a beginner in the online game, I made it a point to follow the directions I was given in the SBI package I bought, and after a couple of years of false starts, I began working on AskMiketheCounselor, and what the SBI model promised has begun to happen.  Traffic to my website and income to my website have grown through creating content and building backlinks and SEO.

And along the way, there were some interesting developments in the online world, which have allowed me to amplify the exposure my websites and blogs get by a factor of a thousand, if not more, and that is social media.

So I can have fun building communities around my ideas, websites, and blogs while increasing the safety and security of my family?  Absolutely.  I am no longer restricted by what we mental health folks call our catchment basin when we write grants.  I can attract people to my sales funnel from around the world, not once but frequently.

So I say to all small business people and all small town business people, jump on this pony and ride it.  And have fun.

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