Small Business Social Media-Do You Need to Hire Yet Another Consultant?

Small Business Social Media-

One of the really nice things about the internet and social media is the leveling of the playing field.  I no longer need to hire a consultant to provide an expert service to me as a small business owner.   As I practice this and get a feel for the social media landscape, if you will, I am more and more comfortable building communities around my businesses on my own.  Yes, there is a lot of noise in social media, and the potential to buy lots of programs, some of which are mostly get-rich-quick, but if I make an effort regularly to develop my expertise, I will quickly be able to navigate the social media realm all by myself. 

I like to get up in the morning early, before I have to get my kids up for school, since I am the morning person, and update my SBI website AskMikeTheCounselor2, which is the core of my online endeavors, and then do some fun stuff on Facebook, then some affiliate marketing,  then update my blogs, maybe build a kindle book, and work with some of my clients on their mobile local fusion or research.  Of course there is attention to Twitter, and Youtube, and Foursquare, ect.  but I have outlined my routine, and can stick to it.   Then I get in a workout and head to the office.

My blog, Logan Counseling is designed to win some keywords in the local search arena and bring therapy clients to my wife and google adsense and affiliate income to me.  Love my Alexa rank too, using the Socrates theme. We are doing that.  I love to rank higher than the Psychology Today folks for my keywords and local search.  I learned how to do this all by myself.   Well, I did buy an SBI subscription and I pay close attention to the forums, filled with about 40,000 other subscribers who are doing just what I am doing, building a 21st century business in their home office by providing their own brains and motivation.  You can too. 

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