Small Business Social Media and Your Trusty Video Camera-Tag Those Videos on Facebook

This morning I put up another video to my startupsocialmedia channel,  a video of my son’s Winnebago  6th Grade  Jr. Tackle football team getting introduced to the crowd at the Winnebago Senior High School Football season opener.   This was a big deal to my boy, he mentioned it several times during the week, and even asked permission to wear his game jersey Friday.  I of course said yes,  and thought to myself that he has never  asked permission before.   Little does he know that once I ascertain that he has a belt on,  so his britches stay up,  I do not worry about his clothes, as long as it is not too dirty.  This non-appreciation for color and style coordination is aggravating to my better half, Julie.  There have been moments that she has threatened to not appear in public with me because of my attire, but I grin sheepishly and she melts.

I figure I will know when the puberty stuff starts with the boy because he will be starting to “style” as we called it.  But we got to the game, which is an important gathering point for the local kids,  who want to see and be seen by each other,  preen and posture, all that stuff that goes with being a kid.

And in the middle of that seething mass of kids, the announcer begins to call out the names of the 6th grade kids who had been lined up by their coaches, and the kids ran down the track toward the bleachers as their names were read off, and I caught that process on a little video that you can see at my channel.  All 99 seconds of it.

So I loaded it to my computer, and up to youtube which took all of five minutes, and then put it up on my Facebook account and tagged it to three other Winnebago Facebook accounts.  Now my little video will be seen by all the folks who follow those other accounts, and since they are not very active, those videos could be front page news for awhile.  And it took 15 minutes to do.

And know I am beginning to build some know, like, and trust using technology.   Guess what tonite is in the little community of Winnebago?  There is a street dance with a Western motif, so me and the Little Doggies are going to saunter down main street, and I am going to put up some more videos, if  I don’t get ambushed by Black Bart and his desparado gang.  And before long folks will notice the website address (mine) in the video descriptions.

I really want to capture some moments in the life of Winnebago, and certainly in the lives of my children and their friends.   And promote my business.  Can it get any better than promoting both.

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