Small Business Social Media and Cash Clients….

My wife came into my office the other day, very excited, and reported that she had just gotten a call from a woman in New York, an attorney actually,  and the New York lady wanted to do a session with her,  actually had done it and had paid by credit card.   Not having to do insurance forms for a client in the mental health business is a very good thing, because insurance companies more and more are denying payments,  or forcing therapists to re-submit there claims, for very obscure reasons, so a cash client is a big deal.

Being the curious kind of husband that I am,  and also the online evangelist  of our business, I asked Julie how her client had found her.  Julie casually said, “Online”, like it should have been obvious to me.   This from my wife who checks her Facebook account once or twice per month,  the wife who will not use Twitter, who I have to trap in her office to get a You Tube video of, who will not check anything online unless it has to do with eBay auctions or People magazine, that wonderful site for viruses.

She was excited about the immediate payment.  I was jumping up and down and fist pumping about the payoff from my social media efforts.  We could have gotten into an argument, but we are familiar with how our focus differs,  and carried on our individual celebrations in the same room.

I casually asked her if she knew how her new customer, who scheduled again by the way, had found her.  She replied, again, “Online”.  I was hoping for a chance to get feedback about a channel, so I asked Julie if she would check with her client next session.

A day or two later, at dinner Julie was talking about another new client who had found her online, and my eyes widened in surprise yet again, and I dropped my chicken as I asked about the channel again, and Julie had no idea how her new client had found her, hadn’t even occurred to her that the follow-up information might be important.

You are probably thinking that we need to install a new feedback tool so I would now how folks were finding my wife, but for awhile, we are going to stick with the low tech, and write down the channel that are leading clients to my wife’s therapy practice after we ask them.

What we do know is that a few extra clients per month makes a huge difference in the comfort level we as a family have around financial issues, and if social media helps with that then I will fill out profiles on every platform there is.

So now maybe you are getting a sense of why I do not buy yellow pages ads anymore, nor do I pay for any kind of advertising other than hosting and domain registration for blogs.

So this morning as Julie was headed off to her office to see a few clients, I asked her if she would join in a conversation that I was having on a social network about moms with newborns who were breast feeding,  and she replied vehemently, “No!”   Guess it will be up to me to carry on our presence in the breast feeding conversations.

And remember that developing a few extra clients per month with small business social media tools is very doable if you have a plan.   Call me for your plan, and I will definitely ask you how you found me.

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