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How often do you have to remind yourself to pay attention to your goals when you are prospecting on Twitter? For me, it is a constant process, because I start to read tweets and when I am on Facebook, I want to check out all the updates and links. There are so many conversations to get involved in, and with a bit of an ADD brain, I will be off on a new marketing tangent without finishing the one I am on. In fact, I just had another idea for a sales letter I am working on for my push for next year. My father always used to tell me that the money was in sales, and now I will be working on selling my concepts to small business and small town business owners at the tender age of 62. Better late than never, right Dad?

Not sure why more small town and small town business people are not taking advantage of the social media tools. I have watched a couple of my neighbors make some excellent use of Social Media tools, both to support local charities, and one of those folks, Steves Auto Repair, I scheduled an appointment on Facebook for some repair work.

No phone calls or answering machines involved, just a few messages through the contact form at Facebook.

But back to prospecting, how are you going to find likely prospects for your business on Twitter. Google alerts could help. Twitter advanced search could help. And some legwork. Tune in tomorrow for more on learning to prospect on Twitter, without losing all your marbles and focus.

Tools for you own consulting business?

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