Rockford Social Media-Why I Am Going To Work On My Sales Letter Again!

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I have been a webmaster and blogger for five years now, learning all of the necessary steps for failure. So what has that got to do with a sales letter. Well… I will get to that. Back in my AOL days, when my online activity was mostly participating in an EEG Biofeedback listserve, and surfing on AOL, actually when spam was first becoming noticeable to me, I happened to open one e-mail, which turned out to be from Rosalind Gardner, for her e-book about how she had made almost a half million dollars selling affiliate goods to folks like me. The get rich quick piece of my psyche was immediately energized, and although my common sense said not to, I bought Rozalind’s book, which actually began me on this journey. By the way, I highly recommend Ros and her products. I bought the Super Affiliate Handbook, printed it out, and immediately made my wife suspicious as I walked around the house, printed out e-book in hand, reading the directions to what sounded like a very simple process to implement, and then I could kick back and watch the money role in, and laugh at all you fools still going to jobs.

I was really excited, so I read the Super Affiliate Handbook twice, and in it I was intrigued by her recommendation of the Ken Evoy product SBI, or Site Build It. I decided to buy the SBI tool, since it seemed to be the one tool from Ros’s book that had everything I was going to need, as I began my surely quick journey to online riches. I could even see myself as the purveyor of e-books, ect. since I am a bright guy with a Master’s Degree and a successful bricks and mortar business. So I bought my first domain, and read the SBI Action Guide, and went ahead long before I was ready to register a domain name and started writing pages for a domain name so ugly, not even AOL liked it. I poured about ten months of hopes and dreams into that domain and business with very little traffic coming from the Big Dogs in search by then, Google, Yahoo, and MSW, now Bing before I realized that I had done something very wrong.

Luckily for me, I am built for endurance, and sadly for me, I am an experiential learner, which means I learn from my mistakes. So I tried another SBI domain, about retirement, and discovered once again that I had not done my due diligence well. Most retiring people, pre-great recession, were interested in maximizing their financial situation, not in my spiritual and health approach to our Senior Years. So once again, my business did not grow, and then it occurred to me that I ought to build a site about what I know, and care about, so I registered a domain about being a counselor, which was almost another mistake, and started writing about counseling keywords, which is what I know, and the SBI promise began to hold true. Traffic increased, and is still increasing, as is income, and I am just about to enter my third year working on this website. Thankyou Ros, and Ken Evoy, the brains behind SBI, which is actually Ken’s extraordinary effort to empower folks in their living rooms to participate in the the global digital economy, transcending the the economic difficulties brick and mortar business is having.

One of Dr. Evoy’s best attraction marketing tools are a series of e-books that he gives away to folks interested in online businesses, and one of them is called Make Your Content Presell.

Now we are back to my sales letter. I read that book when I began with SBI, but now, after 3 websites, and a few hundred internet marketing guru purchases, and growing SBI success, I decided to try my hand at a squeeze page the way the successful marketers do, and I was amazed at how that process made me focus in on what I offer to people who I want to buy my Social Media expertise, and of course, I remembered Ken’s book.

So here I am today, working on a sales page, not for the words, but for the attitude. When I am forced to focus on the benefits I offer, I feel a great deal of confidence about what it is I know.

You are probably saying that is surely a circuitous path to internet wealth, and if you want to avoid the pitfalls I experienced, then I surely hope you will accept my invitation to download Ken’s book today, Make Your Content Presell.

You cannot go wrong, and I wish you a very happy New Year.

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