Rockford Social Media-Where Does a Blog Fit in Your Social Media Strategy?

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Should your small town business social media strategy include a blog or a website? I am a big fan of Ken Evoy and the SBI or Site Build It concept, and I have an SBI site Ask Mike The Counselor2, which gets a lot of traffic. In fact, it has grown just the way the SBI model said it would, and it is always exciting to see that happening. In fact, I update that site first thing every day, because that site represents my passion and it is producing more and more income, which I want to have for my retirement.

The insights I have gleaned from building and studying the results from that site guide my approach to this blog, and my Logan Counseling blog, which are part of my social media strategy for my business. The Logan Counseling blog is designed to dominate the most important keywords locally, in Rockford, which it does very well, and drives views and builds “know, like, and trust” to my wife’s therapy practice.

A blog then could be a key part of your social media strategy to dominate important local keywords, so that when people search online for information, they find your information at the top of the Google or Yahoo or Bing or Ask search results. Don’t forget that most folks under 30 do not wear watches anymore because they use their phone to access all those informational things.

Another online business builder whose work I really like is John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, and his model for social media for small business and small town business includes building a blog to be the hub of your social media work.

So information sites can be part of your Social Media activity and philosophy? Absolutely, and there are many low cost or even free alternatives for blogging.

Why would you spend money on hosting and domain registration for a blog instead of just using the free alternative? Because you can sell stuff easier. My blogs make money for me while they help me build my social media presence.

For example, you can get hosting and domain registration on this site by clicking the Bluehost button in the right column, and if you want to purchase the Socrates theme for WordPress which is built ready made for social media interaction and affiliate sales, you can find several links on this page.

While I love Facebook and Twitter, it is more difficult to present products for sale on those platforms, so a blog has some real search engine benefits and some real sales benefits. Can a blog bring real time customers to my front door? Of course, they can. Can a Facebook page bring real time customers to my front door? Absolutely.

Can a website bring real time customers to my business and my online business? You bet they can, and you can get one right now from the SBI folks, with a 90 day money back option.

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