Rockford Social Media-What Can Social Media Do For You? Your Social Media Presence Makes You as Visible as the Yellow Pages Used to Do?

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I began working on a blog, Logan Counseling earlier this year, think I bought the domain in April, and began posting to it with the goal of appearing very high in Google search, Google Ads, and Google maps for an important keyword in the local counseling niche. (This blog and domain came after that, and the results are similar).

I wanted to be number 1 for it actually, and I have been number one for that keyword, or in the top ten for quite awhile, although every once in awhile, we disappear from Google for a few days. I completed the Google local application, and got a Google map completed and as of today, my Logan Counseling blog is number four in Google search, and number 2 in Google maps.

Why go to the effort of blogging so frequently? Folks usually do not search for counseling until they need it, and when they do, just like you and I used to do when we searched the Yellow Pages, we looked at the first or first few offerings in the listing and called.

Not sure about you, but I have not used a phone book or the Yellow Pages for a long time. I use the computer, and my more savvy friends use their phones to search for information online. In fact, many of my friends will search for a restaurant for example, and go to the one which appears closest to them in the Google search map. (See why it is so important to have a Google Map listing?) If your restaurant does not have one of this little orange balloons on the LED screen as local folks search, they will not come to you. Another very important tool for local businesses is Yelp, and other review sites like it. People will accept even an anonymous peer review over advertising, and if the reviewer has a history of balanced reviews visible on Yelp, their reviews will definitely have credibility.

So that visibility in Google search is key for my customers finding me on their computer or their phone when they need counseling. That is why I make a regular effort to achieve a high ranking in Google search for my blog posts. And then of course, their is Facebook, which has 500,000,000 million participants, who read their posts in the 55 minutes they are online. And Twitter, and Youtube.

So if you search Google right now, for rockford counseling, you will see many posts, tweets, videos, and pictures in Google everything, Google Videos, Google pictures, Google blogs, ect. which are categories that run down the left hand side of your search page. In other words, Logan Counseling is very visible to folks who search Rockford counseling (and some other local search keywords).

Think of how you used to use the Yellowpages. How often did you call the top listed plumber in the plumbing section when a pipe broke, just so you get the problem fixed fast? Well, I have the top or very close to the top listing in what is the new Yellowpages. For free.

And now I am building the same presence for keywords in social media. First local, then regional, then…the planet! Actually, I what I want to do with Start Up Social Media is establish a steady supply of clients that I can work with individually with and build a new visibility for them, which keeps new clients rolling in the door for them at a pace which enhances but does overwhelm their small business or small town business.

Actually once you know what you need to do, the upkeep of this process simply requires maintenance. Mike

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