Rockford Social Media-Top News Feed vs Recent News Feed

I have know for awhile that I have a couple of streams as I have called them on Facebook, but I did not know that they had names, (top news feed and recent news feed), and I had only vaguely wondered how come feeds of folks I had friended did not show up in either on my Facebook page. If there posts are not showing up in my feed, are mine showing up in theirs, which is a very important question.
It seems that Facebook makes some choices about which feeds show up where and when, and that process can be hampered by how many followers you have, it turns out.
So how do I get into my target users top feed? Well, it turns out there are some things I can do. I need to check out my target users, interact and contribute in more than just a cursory manner with them, and the third is get a lot of action on my content. But now I have some things to worry about, like the algorithm that Facebook uses. Guess I go to work here don’t I, and find out how this works.

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